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Fun Memories of The Launch

Book Fair Launch

Author Lisabeth Reynolds launched "The Purple Bowtie" at the MIami International Book Fair in November 2017.

"The Purple Bowtie" Launch Party

Author Achim Nowak ("The Moment") and actress Karen Johnson (original Peppermint Patty in "Your A Good Man Charlie Brown") celebrate with author Lisabeth Reynolds.

Meeting new people who love books is what it's all about.

Authors Lisabeth Reynolds and Silvio Leon III ("Open Heart 30 Days With God")

celebrate their new books.

It all began with Fantastic Books Publishing

A huge thank you to Dan Grubb, Gabi Grubb, Anne-Marie Strand and Penny Grubb for the amazing presentation of the book.

Author Stuart Aken's Book Review

Author Stuart Aken's review of "The Purple Bowtie" was a great beginning. Thank you Stuart for taking the time to read the book.

Curve Magazine Book Review

Thank you to Curve Magazine's Rachel Wells for her perceptive review.

About the Book

A passionate romance that puts the reader on simmer

Lisa and Rachel explore their newfound love in Paris circa 1984.  Their romance is burning hot - a continuum of hidden masculine and feminine fantasies - stirred by their past lives. Their sexual creativity inspires them but they also face friends dying of AIDS, past infidelities and a common desire to leave their jobs and become artists.  But wait, has this all happened to them before?  Are their actions being guided by the ghosts they encounter in books from another time? Or does this guidance come from another source? Another place?

 Read a book review from author Stuart Aken: 

Listen to Hannah Murray Lopez of TalkRadioEurope interview author Lisabeth Reynolds at Date of broadcast:  January 3, 2018 at 18:00.

A 21st Century Tribute to 1980s unsung heroes

Inspired by a true story, The Purple Bowtie is in part a tribute to activists, like Dan Bradley, who took immediate action to warn the gay community about the threat of AIDS, who raised money for the cause, and who protested the lack of action by political leaders.  Their tireless campaign for gay rights and sexual freedom inspired the author to chronicle the issues  of 1980's Miami.

A Quest for Truth and Creative Freedom

 Lisa Robertson's life-changing spiritual emergency is a pioneering adventure into the imagination and the creative process.  Learn about energy states,  how to spark new insights and explore new avenues of inspiration. Take flight into new realms of discovery.

Buy the book at:  http://getbook.atpurplebowtie at their official bookstore

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